review: jaclyn hill x morphe palette

Happy Monday, loves! Today we are taking a look at one of the most anticipated releases of this summer. I’m sure many of you beauty lovers know that Jaclyn Hill has been working with Morphe Brushes for two years to create this palette to perfection & I will let you know if it lives up to those expectations!

The palette features 35 brand new shades with a special formulation that had to pass Jaclyn’s exceptional standards. The shades have the most basic neutrals, fiery warm tones, and even features some fun greens and purples. The palette has varying finishes in mattes, shimmers, satins, and metallics.

prices range:

$38.00 at

jaclyn hill open

I have always liked morphe palettes in the past. I own a few and they are pretty decent quality especially for the price but Jaclyn blew this out of the park. The quality is incredible especially for the price. I find the formulation to be similar makeup geek, but makeup geek shadows will set you back $6 a piece and more for any foiled formulations. Don’t get me wrong I love makeup geek shadows but my z palette cost much more than $38 and it is still not 35 shadows!

Jaclyn’s shade range gave me almost everything I would want in a palette with good crease colors and blending shades while still keeping things interesting with some slightly more bold choices. Because there are so many shades, those bold colors seem much more wearable, So often in palettes it is 5 neutral shades and a bright blue that is very difficult to work into a look with the accompanying colors. Jaclyn and Linda crafted shades that pair seamlessly to create a holistic palette.

The mattes blend effortlessly with the perfect amount of pigmentation. One of my favorite unique characteristics of this formulation is that the shimmery and foiled shades are just as pigmented applied with a brush as with a finger. My usual favorite foiled shades apply with almost no metallic sheen on a brush and then when I use my finger tip they look like melted metal. It one of my larger pet peeves with shadow because I have stiletto nails which make it more difficult and I hate getting crap on my hands. I almost never remember to wash my hands after I do my makeup so I end up leaving the house with copper shadow on my hands that usually ends up all over me 🙂 So thank you Jaclyn for saving me from that!

I only have two small critiques of this palette. The first is that I wish there was a matte cream-ish colored shade. I wanted something matte like makeup geek mirage. I tend to use concealer as my shadow base and I have kind of hooded/droopy eyes so I am prone to creasing. I will set my concealer but my best bet is to then begin my shadow routine with a matte base and the shadows blend more easily and last longer. I think a matte base color is a staple that I wish this palette wasn’t missing.

The only other critique I have of this palette is the shade twerk. When you look at it, it looks like a royal blue. I used it a few days ago as my lower lash color with a warm burnt orange eye look on the lid. I wanted a summery look with a royal blue pop. When I applied twerk it was much more purple than it was blue. During work everyone complimented me on my purple eyeshadow which just confirmed that twerk was not the color it looks to be in the pan.

My two issues with the palette are minor and definitely do not take away from the incredible work Jaclyn and Linda have done on this palette. I highly recommend you grab yourself one. The first batch sold out and the palette will be restocked tomorrow July 18th at 8 am PST.  This is the link to the restock page that allows you to enter your email to be notified when it is restocked!

If you have the palette let me know what you think and what looks you’d like to see me create with it! As always leave me any suggestions for new posts you’d like to see. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Also follow my instagram @institutionbeauty to get updates and see the makeup looks I create! Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to Monday, loves.
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review: dose of colors eyedeal duo

Happy Monday, loves! This week we are taking a look at a product that I haven’t seen tons of blogger talk about, dose of colors eyedeal duo. The duo contains a cream shadow and a glitter in a dual layered container.  The product comes in 13 different shades from more neutrals to stand out greens.

prices range:

$25.00 at

$25.00 at


I purchased the shade disco because I have been looking for a good silver glitter for quite a while. I like the product in concept but not as much in execution. I think its a great idea to have a cream shadow or primer to help lock in the glitter but this one didn’t work for me. I found the cream to be too oily and slippery to actually secure the glitter and it feels as though it moves around on your lid. I much prefer the Too Faced glitter glue to secure my glitters.

On the other hand I do actually enjoy the glitter. It is vibrant and very finely milled. It is not as chunky as most of my other glitters and ends up looking a little more metallic rather than glittery which is not necessarily a bad thing. As with all glitters, it is pretty messy. I think you’re best bet for decreasing the mess is using a more tacky primer than the one that comes with it.

Although I like the glitter, I find the price tag to be too steep for what you are getting. I much prefer my violet voss glitters that will only put you out $9.00 each. If you’ve had your eye on one of these duos for a while than go ahead and grab it, just know you might not get much use out of the cream. If you are just looking for a good glitter or want to get started in using glitters, I would check out violet voss glitters and splurge a little on a better primer like the too faced glitter glue!

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review: artist couture diamond glow powder

Hello loves! Today we are taking a look at one of instagram’s hottest products. A lot of you have probably seen videos of tons of beauty gurus raving over these highlighters. The clips of bloggers swatching the loose highlight have gone completely viral on every social media site. So I decided to order one and put it to the test!

prices range:

$26.99 at


I ordered the shade coco bling which is one of the lighter shades in the range. The collection does offer a wide range of shades for all highlight needs which I greatly appreciate. The product is a loose powder which can be kind of messy if you aren’t entirely careful. This highlight is meant to be super finely milled and pack a serious highlight punch. I’ll admit from all of the hype I had seriously high hopes for this product that weren’t entirely met.

I love a super intense highlight but I expect it to be smooth, creamy and not have any chunks of glitter. The diamond powder is not as smooth as I hoped. I feel like once its on my cheeks it is super glittery and doesn’t give that JLo glow more like a 9 year old girl playing with costume makeup glow. I much prefer my becca or anastasia highlighters to this one. Those may not be as immediately intense but build up beautifully and don’t have any glitter.

If you want a poppin’ highlight to give you glow and not glitter I would skip out on this one. As always leave me any suggestions for new posts you’d like to see. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Also follow my instagram @institutionbeauty to get updates and see the makeup looks I create! Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to Monday, loves.
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review: huda beauty liquid lipstick

Happy Monday loves! I wanted to start out this weeks post by thanking all of you who stuck with me through my absence. School and work definitely got the best of me and I just needed to take a little break from blogging for the sake of my own mental health. This time I am back for good and I have a huge stock of beauty products to tell you all about.

Today we are looking at the one of the most anticipated products from one of instagram’s   biggest beauty stars. Most of you have probably seen an instagram video from Huda Kattan whether you knew it was her or not. She is probably one of the most beautiful women to grace this earth and is one of my person favorite beauty icons. I especially love that she features tons of artists on her instagram. Theres a rumor that her products are sold every six seconds in the middle east and hopefully i will soon get my hands on the new 3D highlighting palette but first lets talk about one of the original products from her line.

Huda Beauty’s liquid lip is unlike most on the market. I find it is actually true to the name liquid lipstick. Usually when we think of a liquid lip we are thinking of the kind ABH or NYX or Colourpop put out that are super pigmented and super matte. Huda’s is more like an actual liquified lipstick. It reminds me of a much better version of the Too Faced melted lipsticks.


The formula is super lightweight and feels kind of watery when you first apply it to the lips.  It has a basic doe-foot applicator and a light vanilla scent. The lip doesn’t feel like it dries completely but it does dry pretty fast and become transfer proof without completely drying out your lips! The finish reminds me of more of a satin than a complete intense matte which I kind of like because it doesn’t dry out the lips and it keeps from emphasizing any lines or imperfections in your lips. Because it doesn’t feel super dry I didn’t think it would be super long wearing but every time I go to check on it, it still looks great. It will last through eating and drinking as long as you aren’t having anything too oily. The crazy light feel is something I had to get used to because most of my lip products are a lot more noticeable to me as I wear them throughout the day but it keeps everything super comfortable and I really enjoy it.

I own the shade bombshell but she just came out with an even wider range of nudes for various skin tones so you know I will be grabbing some more shades soon! I love these liquid lipsticks. Although I play a good game, I actually rarely wear lipstick because I don’t want to touch up and I really prefer the feeling of nothing on my lips. I think if you are a little more low maintenance lip girl like me you’ll really love these too!

As always leave me any suggestions for new posts you’d like to see. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Also follow my instagram @institutionbeauty to get updates and see the makeup looks I create! Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to Monday, loves.
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review: maybelline the colossal big shot mascara

Hello loves! Many of you may have seen or heard about the new big shot mascara from the huge advertising campaign with lots of beauty gurus at the head. Every one has been talking about Manny MUA being the first man to ever represent maybelline and I’m ready to tell you if he stuck his name to something worth while!

prices range:

$6.94 at

$6.99 at

$8.49 at

$8.49 at

$8.49 at (buy one get one 50% off)

$8.49 at


Now this may not be a long post because its pretty simple. This mascara is incredible! The formula is the perfect consistency. It isn’t too wet and isn’t dry enough that it flakes off. The brush is the perfect size to get into the root of the lashes without creating a big mess. As my dedicated readers know, I tend to like the brush bristles better than plastic or silicone bristles because I find it gives more realistic lashes.

This mascara gives tons of volume and lengthens. The volume is dramatic without being clumpy. It looks like my real lashes are strong thick and long. It just looks like you have beautiful natural lashes. This mascara is so good I actually have been wearing it in place of any false lashes. I feel confident that my lashes look amazing enough all day  and that my eye look is still tied together to wear it instead of lashes because honestly sometimes my eyes just need a break from glue.

I think this mascara is one of the best I’ve tried and I would recommend it to everyone! It may be my new go-to and I will definitely be repurchasing which is a rarity for any makeup product with me. Run out and pick this up so you can lash like a boss too!

Tons of new products are coming out for spring so if you see something of intrigue that you want to hear about, let me know! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Also follow my instagram @institutionbeauty to get updates and see the makeup looks I create! Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to Monday, loves.
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*disclaimer: I did receive these products from Influenster for testing purposes but as always these are my true honest opinions.

long time no blog…

Hello loves! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in forever and I also feel as if I owe you all, my lovely supporters, an explanation.

The last time we spoke was the finale of my month long halloween series. I poured countless hours, a fair amount of money, and basically all of my creativity on that series. Once I was finished, I was honestly a little burnt out. I have struggled for the past month to try and muster up some ideas for new looks and I have greatly failed. I feel like I see the same stuff being put out there all the time and I want to be a little more original and give you fresh compelling content and unfortunately right now I am in a massive rut.

Just to add to the burden of my artist block, I very quickly realized if I want to keep producing high quality looks and reviews for you all, I needed to get back in the working world. Some of you may know, I had hip surgery earlier this summer and that forced me to leave my job to spend all my time recovering. Once fall rolled around I got the okay from my doc to get back on my feet but I was just getting back into school as well. I am in my second year of college and this year I am taking two more classes than before so that I can graduate early and head off to makeup school to up my game even more for you all. When I got myself into a manageable place with school I started putting applications back out there to bring myself some income for more beauty products and maybe a camera to start filming tutorials 😉

As I wrapped up my halloween series, I got the call for my new position and have been working in the retail world again ever since. I’m sure you can all guess the absolute madness of working in retail at this time of year and of coarse this is the exact time school mounts tons of work on my back as well. The past month has been a bit overwhelming to tell you the truth and my extra class load has definitely caught up with me (the image is a picture of an art project I did for school). I finish up all my finals this week and hopefully over break I can dedicate my free time to getting tons of cool stuff done for you all!

Now you’re all caught up and I can’t apologize enough for my extended absence. I promise I will be back next week with a fun review of a little indie skin care brand! But I have a big favor to ask of you all. Please (no, really, please I am begging) give me suggestions or requests for absolutely any type of post you are looking for! Recommend some products or looks or any sort of content you want to see from me! I love each and everyone of you and I can’t thank you enough for sticking this rough patch out with me. I’ll talk to you all next monday!

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halloween tutorial: joker

Today’s look is inspire by me spending way too much time on pinterest for this project and seeing all the incredible artists out there creating looks like this.

products used:

nivea mens shave balm

loreal infallble pro glow foundation – 202

urban decay naked skin concealer – fair

smashbox contour sticks – contour

anastasia beverly hills contour powder – banana, mink

mac shaping powder – emphasize

becca mineral blush – sweet pea

makeup geek eyeshadows – mirage, bitten, coca cola, corrupt

anastasia beverly hills eyeshadow – dusty rose

mac eyeshadow – cranberry

lorac pro palette – deep purple

violet voss loose glitter – champagne bubbly

anastasia beverly hills waterproof creme color – jet

mac gigiblack mascara – black

ardell lashes – 203

duo brush on lash glue

colourpop ultra satin lip – panda

step 1: prime – I primed my skin with nivea men’s shave balm to give a smooth base and ensure my foundation lasted all day.

step 2: foundation – I used l’oréal pro flow for a flawless full coverage look.

step 3: concealer – I took UD naked skin on my under eyes, eyelids, chin, cupid’s bow, center of the forehead, and down the bridge of my nose to highlight. I set my concealer with mac emphasize and ABH banana powder to ensure it stayed really light and glowy.


step 4: contour – I wanted a really strong defined contour so I started with a cream contour stick from smash box and then blended that out with ABH mink. I didn’t blend it into a natural look I left it really strong and draglike.

step 5: blush – I wanted my cheeks to have a really circular intense pop of blush only on the apples so I took a rounded brush and becca sweet pea and packed it on my cheeks without blending so it would stay in that circle shape.

step 6: shadow – I packed MUG mirage all over my eyes for a neutral base and because shadows blend more easily over other shadows. I took a fluffy brush and blended ABH dusty rose all over my crease. I blended mac cranberry on top of that to begin to deepen the eye look. I packed MUG bitten and coca cola on the outer v and lower crease of my eye but it wasn’t as purple as I wanted so I packed deep purple from lorac in the outer edge of my eyes as well. I brought the purple shades in about 1/3 of the way over my lid to create some depth and smoke. I took a bullet crease brush and blended MUG corrupt in the very outer v to make it even smokier. I used a flat liner brush to take corrupt and deep purple under my eyes and used bitten and coca cola on a pencil brush to create a really drawn out lower lash line. I packed violet voss loose glitter on the inner 2/3 of my lids.


joker z palette.jpg

step 7: mascara – I didn’t apply any liner cause I wanted my lashes to be emphasized. I used mac gigiblack mascara because it’s my favorite to darken my lashes before applying falsies.

step 8: lashes – I used ardell 203 lashes because I wanted crazy over the top drama. I used duo brush on glue because it’s the easiest to apply on the lash band without creating a huge mess.

step 9: brows – I wanted black dramatic brows so I used ABH creme color in jet to fill in my brows.

step 10: triangles – I used ABH jet liner to create the triangles above and below my eyes. I drew the outlines first to make them even and then filled in the triangles. I dipped the end of my brush into the gel liner and pressed it on my cheeks to create the little circles on the end of the triangles.

step 11: lips – I wanted a really angular vamp lip. I used a liner brush and ABH jet to draw a triangular cupid’s bow above my own and draw on a long thin smile. i filled in my lips with the liner and then pat colourpop panda in the center of my lips with my finger to add a little dimension and bring the purple from the eye look back into the lips.

here’s the completed look again:


I am providing pictures of some of the products so that you can find similar products and colors in your own collections! These are just the products I use but you can substitute in anything really and still look fierce. If any of you recreate these looks please tag me in them so I can see all your beautiful faces!! Ill be back next monday with reviews! Let me know if there’s anything you want me to test out especially with all of the holiday sets coming out! 
love & lipstick kisses💋