review: top rated amazon brushes

happy wednesday, loves! i have an unhealthy addiction to amazon as im sure many of you can relate. i mean god forgive me for giving bezos my money but prime is so damn convenient there isn’t much that can compare. if you’ve ever taken a look at amazon’s beauty section, im sure you’ve seen there are lots of extremely affordable brush sets. today we will be taking a look at the bestope 18 piece makeup brush set.

this brush set has 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 2,000 reviews! so i definitely had expectations when it arrived and wasn’t going to give it a pass for being affordable.

bestope 18 piece brush set: $13.99 at

okay, so this brush set in my mind has pros and cons.


all of the face brushes are great. they dont apply too much product but are able to build and blend pretty nicely. i dont personally ever use brushes for foundation, i find it doesn’t let things really sink into the skin like a sponge can so the densely packed brushes like the flat angled brush and face round brush i would use for cream products like bronzer, blush, or contour. always remember just because the brush has a certain name doesn’t mean that’s what it has to be used for use the powder brush for bronzer, the foundation brush for intense contour, play around and find which shapes you like for which products.

i enjoy the two fan brushes for really precise highlight. and the high gloss brush is great for a diffused highlight or precise powder for any of my girls with dry skin.

i love that this set comes with a spoolie brush (the things on the end of your eyebrow pencils) because they are so useful for removing mascara mistakes, shaping brows, and setting flyaway hairs.

as far as the eye brushes, i like the small flat brush, the small angled brush, the small detail brush, and the angled eyebrow brush. so basically the small dense brushes are great. apply your liner, fill in brows, or smoke out the lower lash line.


the rest of the eyeshadow brushes are trash. the larger fluffier blender brushes make shadow patchy and really difficult to blend. i actually did a whole makeup look with these brushes and honest to god the eye look made it too horrible to post. creased and patchy and unblended.. yuck.

also the brush they designate as the lip brush is a pencil brush. so definitely not for lips but for blending shadow under the eyes. i think it is entirely too dense and stiff to actually work well as a pencil brush. when blending under the eyes you want a pencil brush that is softer so it diffuses the color and you dont look like you have raccoon circles under your eyes but a sultry smokey shadow look instead.

i think this set it worth your money if you dont have these brushes already, especially a good set for beginners. if you are needing some new face brushes then certainly it is worth your $14 but i would immediately take the eye blender brushes and toss those in the trash because they are absolute $#!%.

personally ill keep the face brushes and the liner brushes as back ups. the only one that will probably make a spot in my regular routine is the spoolie. i still prefer my sets from morphe to these, specifically the jaclyn hill set is next level for the price. but if you are balling on a budget then i wouldn’t turn my nose up at these for sure.

ive got some very exiting reviews coming up soon so keep an eye out. we are talking foundation, insanely expensive eyeshadow, concealers, lashes, tik tok hacks, all of it!

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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