review: maybelline the colossal big shot mascara

Hello loves! Many of you may have seen or heard about the new big shot mascara from the huge advertising campaign with lots of beauty gurus at the head. Every one has been talking about Manny MUA being the first man to ever represent maybelline and I’m ready to tell you if he stuck his name to something worth while!

prices range:

$6.94 at

$6.99 at

$8.49 at

$8.49 at

$8.49 at (buy one get one 50% off)

$8.49 at


Now this may not be a long post because its pretty simple. This mascara is incredible! The formula is the perfect consistency. It isn’t too wet and isn’t dry enough that it flakes off. The brush is the perfect size to get into the root of the lashes without creating a big mess. As my dedicated readers know, I tend to like the brush bristles better than plastic or silicone bristles because I find it gives more realistic lashes.

This mascara gives tons of volume and lengthens. The volume is dramatic without being clumpy. It looks like my real lashes are strong thick and long. It just looks like you have beautiful natural lashes. This mascara is so good I actually have been wearing it in place of any false lashes. I feel confident that my lashes look amazing enough all day  and that my eye look is still tied together to wear it instead of lashes because honestly sometimes my eyes just need a break from glue.

I think this mascara is one of the best I’ve tried and I would recommend it to everyone! It may be my new go-to and I will definitely be repurchasing which is a rarity for any makeup product with me. Run out and pick this up so you can lash like a boss too!

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*disclaimer: I did receive these products from Influenster for testing purposes but as always these are my true honest opinions.

review: banish acne scars starter kit

Hello loves! A few weeks ago Banish Acne Scars reached out to me and sent me their starter kit to test out and review for you all. I’ve been trying the products out for a while and gathered call my thoughts for you guys!

Banish Acne Scars is natural brand based out of Pasadena, California and run by a lovely lady named Daisy. All of the products are packed with awesome for your skin ingredients that are meant to help heal not only acne scars but texture and  pigmentation issues from breakouts. I have never personally suffered from really bad acne but when I get a breakout I end up having really bad hyper pigmentation for weeks after the blemish has disappeared.

This year I have had more skin issues than ever before. Some of you know that I get botox for migraines and that has really messed up my skin and caused redness and lots of breakouts around my hairline. Every time Ive used the banish system the next morning my face looks amazing. The hyper pigmentation from former breakouts is always better. I was honestly so impressed at how well this helped my skin issues.

The first time I used it, the vitamin c burned a little when I applied it but I haven’t had an issue since. I only do the system before bed because I get really red after I use the banishers but by the morning my skin looks completely renewed. Since Ive used the system, my skin texture and pigmentation has improved immensely. I will definitely continue to use this whole system in my skincare routine!

The starter kit includes

  • Banish Oil ( Vitamin C Serum)
  • Vitamin C Beauty Elixir
  • Medium Banisher
  • Pen Banisher
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
  • Activated Charcoal Clay Masque
  • Pore Smasher

I use the products about once a week or once every other week. My routine with the kit is

  • use one of the masks (my favorite is the pumpkin enzyme)
  • take the pore smasher out of the freezer and roll it over my whole face
  • sanitize both banishers with alcohol
  • roll the medium banisher lightly over my entire face
  • use the pen banisher over the more concentrated pigmentation issue areas
  • take 3 drops of the banish oil and smooth it over my face
  • spray the beauty elixir in my hands and smooth that over my face ( I do not spray it on my face because i don’t want to get it in my eye area)


I’m super pleased with all of the banish acne scar products and I would definitely recommend the kit to anyone with scarring, texture, or pigmentation concerns. It is so easy to use and the kit provides thorough easy instructions to make getting perfect skin a breeze. Let know if you’d like to see a blog post on my full skincare routine or any other blog ideas you all have for me!

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*disclaimer: I did receive these products for testing purposes but as always these are my true honest opinions. I ensure you that I go through thorough discussions with each company I work with to guarantee I can always give my full honest review to you all.

Best of Beauty 2016

Happy New Year, loves! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and maybe even had some gifts to feed your beauty addiction. I asked you all if you wanted a new review or a wrap up of the best in each beauty category for the whole year and I had unanimous support for the best of beauty! So here we go these are my favorite products over the last year..

primer: nivea mens post shave balm

This balm is super affordable and helps to fill in pores and extend the wear of your foundation. It performs very similar to the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer with a much more reasonable price tag. You can find my full in depth review here.

foundation: l’oreal infallible pro glow foundation – 202

If you are a frequent reader you know I have a very hard time finding a foundation I love. This one is definitely it. It is a super lightweight texture and gives medium coverage that can be built up while giving a youthful glow that isn’t oily. You can find my full in depth review here.

concealer: tarte shape tape concealer – fair neutral

This concealer is newer to the market and I’ve only had it a short time but it is maybe my favorite that I own. It gives full coverage while still looking like skin. It brightens and is definitely the most crease proof I have tried. A little goes a long way so you are getting a pretty good value. If you would like a full review than let me know in the comments!

powder: mac pro shaping powder – emphasize

I use emphasize to set my concealer and the T-zone of my face. The powder is super creamy and ultra brightening. I like too use it to really brighten my under-eyes and highlight the middle of my face. It sets my concealer beautifully and doesn’t look cakey at all.

contour: dolce & gabbana the blush – tan

I started using this blush to contour on the recommendation of youtuber Claire Marshall. It has the perfect amount of cool tones to imitate a shadow without making it look like you smeared mud on your face. It blends easily and is perfect for any skill level because it isn’t too pigmented and is very hard to take overboard.

bronzer: nars bronzing powder – laguna

I bought the Steven Klein Nars face kit last winter which contains the crazy hyped laguna bronzer. I do like it quite a lot. I think it is a perfect neutral bronzer and has the right amount of pigmentation to prevent giving yourself a bronzer helmet. This took over my Benefit Hoola bronzer because I got quite a bit more color than usual this year and it has stayed in my routine ever since.

blush: wet n’ wild color icon blush – apri – cot in the middle

This blush is crazy pigmented and gives a beautiful coral glow. This is my favorite shade to use all through summer or when I can’t decide what to put with the rest of a look. The blush is super blendable and only costs a few dollars. Crazy deal and one of the best blushes I own.

highlight: becca champagne pop face palette – champagne pop

I originally purchased champagne pop when it first came out because I have endless admiration for Jaclyn Hill but to be honest I wasn’t crazy about it and definitely didnt think it was a champagne shade. It was way more golden. When I ordered the face palette, I was really surprised at how different the champagne pop shade was. It was much more champagne and I completely love it. If you want to see my review of the whole palette you can read it here.

eye primer: smashbox photofinish 24 hour primer

Most of the time I don’t actually use a primer on my eyes I just use a concealer to even out the color on my lids but when I want my shadow to have crazy staying power I use this primer. It has a slight silicone feel but still allows the shadows to glide on and blend with ease. There will be no creasing with this primer for sure.

eyeshadow: makeup geek single shadows – mirage, peach smoothie, cocoa bear, americano

This year I fell in love with makeup geek shadows. I love being able to customize my own z palettes. They are so cheap and they are pigmented and bendable. My absolute favorite shades are mirage, peach smoothie, cocoa bear, and americano. When I am lacking inspiration those shadows are my go to’s for multiple looks.

eyeliner: anastasia beverly hills waterproof creme color – jet

Ever since I started using liner in middle school, I have always been a gel liner girl. I just think gel is super precise and the most matte and black liners out there. The anastasia liner is the best I’ve found. It is super dark, completely matte, and stays in the waterline. You get a ton of product for your money as well. My trick if it ever feels dry is to put a drop of baby oil in it and it is back to new.

mascara: mac extended play gigiblack lash mascara

This mascara has a a very small precise brush that I love using to get every lash. It makes me have really natural looking long thick lashes. Most of you know this is my forever go-to for mascara to blend false lashes with your real lashes. For my full review you can click here.

false lashes: lena lashes – tina

A few years ago Jaclyn Hill raved about lena lashes and I have been crazy for them ever since. She makes beautiful lashes that are easy to apply and have a super comfortable band. Lena’s always having sales too so the lashes end up being fairly reasonably priced around $13 if you order at the right time!

brows: anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade – taupe

Ive been using the dipbrow for about 2 years in various shades. It is my holy grail brow product. I can make super natural hair strokes or more bold brows depending on my mood. It always looks like real brows and the color taupe is perfect for any blonde or light brunette. It has just the right shade with cool tones to flatter lighter hair.

lipstick: colourpop lippie stix – cookie

I dedicated a whole week on my blog for colourpop products and these may have been my favorite from them. The formula is creamy and pigmented and super easy to apply. I love the shade cookie. It is the perfect nude for people with lighter skin tones because it is very neutral toned. I have been carrying this everywhere with me since I got it. The full review & tons of swatches can be found here.

lipgloss: kylie cosmetics lip gloss – so cute

As most of you know, Im not a super huge fan of glossy lips so I was a little skeptical when I ordered this gloss but it is incredible. It has such a lightweight consistency and the perfect amount pigment to make it look beautiful on the lips. I love it over the cookie lippie stix and it says in my bag everywhere as well. You can get my in depth thoughts here.

setting spray: mac fix +

To finish off my makeup I always spray my face with fix +. It is not meant to extend makeup like most setting sprays but it makes powders look much more natural and adds hydration to the skin. I think it makes my face makeup look more natural and dewy throughout the day so it is a must for me.

So that wraps up a whole bunch of beauty favorites for the year 2016! Here’s to new discoveries and new reviews this year! I can’t wait for all the new launches getting ready to come out and to give you all fresh new content every week! Let me know if you see anything you want me to review or have any ideas for new blog posts you all would like to see. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Also follow my instagram @institutionbeauty to get updates and see the makeup looks I create! Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to Monday, loves.
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