review: maybelline the colossal big shot mascara

Hello loves! Many of you may have seen or heard about the new big shot mascara from the huge advertising campaign with lots of beauty gurus at the head. Every one has been talking about Manny MUA being the first man to ever represent maybelline and I’m ready to tell you if he stuck his name to something worth while!

prices range:

$6.94 at

$6.99 at

$8.49 at

$8.49 at

$8.49 at (buy one get one 50% off)

$8.49 at


Now this may not be a long post because its pretty simple. This mascara is incredible! The formula is the perfect consistency. It isn’t too wet and isn’t dry enough that it flakes off. The brush is the perfect size to get into the root of the lashes without creating a big mess. As my dedicated readers know, I tend to like the brush bristles better than plastic or silicone bristles because I find it gives more realistic lashes.

This mascara gives tons of volume and lengthens. The volume is dramatic without being clumpy. It looks like my real lashes are strong thick and long. It just looks like you have beautiful natural lashes. This mascara is so good I actually have been wearing it in place of any false lashes. I feel confident that my lashes look amazing enough all day  and that my eye look is still tied together to wear it instead of lashes because honestly sometimes my eyes just need a break from glue.

I think this mascara is one of the best I’ve tried and I would recommend it to everyone! It may be my new go-to and I will definitely be repurchasing which is a rarity for any makeup product with me. Run out and pick this up so you can lash like a boss too!

Tons of new products are coming out for spring so if you see something of intrigue that you want to hear about, let me know! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Also follow my instagram @institutionbeauty to get updates and see the makeup looks I create! Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to Monday, loves.
love & lipstick kisses 💋

*disclaimer: I did receive these products from Influenster for testing purposes but as always these are my true honest opinions.

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