review: huda beauty liquid lipstick

Happy Monday loves! I wanted to start out this weeks post by thanking all of you who stuck with me through my absence. School and work definitely got the best of me and I just needed to take a little break from blogging for the sake of my own mental health. This time I am back for good and I have a huge stock of beauty products to tell you all about.

Today we are looking at the one of the most anticipated products from one of instagram’s   biggest beauty stars. Most of you have probably seen an instagram video from Huda Kattan whether you knew it was her or not. She is probably one of the most beautiful women to grace this earth and is one of my person favorite beauty icons. I especially love that she features tons of artists on her instagram. Theres a rumor that her products are sold every six seconds in the middle east and hopefully i will soon get my hands on the new 3D highlighting palette but first lets talk about one of the original products from her line.

Huda Beauty’s liquid lip is unlike most on the market. I find it is actually true to the name liquid lipstick. Usually when we think of a liquid lip we are thinking of the kind ABH or NYX or Colourpop put out that are super pigmented and super matte. Huda’s is more like an actual liquified lipstick. It reminds me of a much better version of the Too Faced melted lipsticks.


The formula is super lightweight and feels kind of watery when you first apply it to the lips.  It has a basic doe-foot applicator and a light vanilla scent. The lip doesn’t feel like it dries completely but it does dry pretty fast and become transfer proof without completely drying out your lips! The finish reminds me of more of a satin than a complete intense matte which I kind of like because it doesn’t dry out the lips and it keeps from emphasizing any lines or imperfections in your lips. Because it doesn’t feel super dry I didn’t think it would be super long wearing but every time I go to check on it, it still looks great. It will last through eating and drinking as long as you aren’t having anything too oily. The crazy light feel is something I had to get used to because most of my lip products are a lot more noticeable to me as I wear them throughout the day but it keeps everything super comfortable and I really enjoy it.

I own the shade bombshell but she just came out with an even wider range of nudes for various skin tones so you know I will be grabbing some more shades soon! I love these liquid lipsticks. Although I play a good game, I actually rarely wear lipstick because I don’t want to touch up and I really prefer the feeling of nothing on my lips. I think if you are a little more low maintenance lip girl like me you’ll really love these too!

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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