review: norvina palette vol. 3

happy wednesday, loves! today we are gonna be taking look at one of anastasia beverly hills norvina pro pigment palette vol 3. for those of you who dont know norvina is anastasia’s daughter and the president of the cosmetics company. she’s an extremely talented artist so when she made palettes that were her vision of various pro palettes, i had to get my hands on at least one!

there are now four versions of the norvina pro pigment palettes. volume 1 is purple focused, volume 2 is blue focused, volume 3 is orange focused, and volume 4 is pink focused. when i saw the first three volumes released, i was immediately drawn to vol 3 with its warm tones and strong neons.

the palettes retail for $60 and can be found at or

so here is the palette and swatches row by row:IMG_5033 2


so first off, keep in mind these are pressed pigments and are a different formula from the original ABH palettes. these shadows are more pigmented. i would say the ABH shadows are extremely blendable and have a buildable pigment. these are much more pigmented right off the bat but are still blendable and buildable. you can feel in the texture that these have less oil in them which means they are slightly less creamy and the metallics aren’t super intense like you may be used to with ABH shadows. these shadows have a little kickback in the pan when you put your brush in them but i find there is no fallout when applying on the eyes at all.

to keep things simple, even though they are a different formula i absolutely love this palette. the bright shades are pigmented without being so pigmented you can’t blend them. they are buildable to the point of looking neon. i have even used the shadows as blush and highlight. if you are a fan of a subtle highlight you would definitely enjoy these shadows for a little less wet of a cheek highlight. i have even been able to take just a single shade and create a great look because of the punch these shadows pack.

one thing i found interesting is that the ABH website specifies that over half of the palette shouldn’t be used in the eye area… im not sure what ingredient in the formula forces them to say that but i haven’t had any issues with these anywhere i have used them and i have put most of the palette on my eyes at one point or another. i also noticed that the shadows stay colorful and vibrant but i dont have staining on the lids like i often do with lots of brightly colored shadows which i definitely appreciate.

i would definitely recommend this palette to anyone especially if you are looking to venture into color. these are my favorite bright shadows i have ever used. the new release of the vol 4 palette also gives a lot of better neutral options for my more natural girls out there while still allowing you to incorporate color on a more mild scale. not only is this a great artistry palette this is a great all in one palette for travel and will probably be my most used palette of the summer!

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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