review: huda beauty obsessions eyeshadow palettes

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Alright so back to the makeup, today we are taking a look at the Huda Beauty obsessions eyeshadow palettes. There are several different versions of these 9 shadow palettes and today I’ll be talking about 3 of the 20 palettes.

Each palette is between $27 – $29 and the three shades I have are all $27. They are available from and

The three palettes I worked with are:

Emerald Obsessions

Sapphire Obsessions

Ruby Obsessions

The first thing I noticed about these palettes is that the matte shadows are not very pigmented. Some people prefer that but personally I look for a much more pigmented matte rather than something buildable. I also think that pigmented mattes tend to blend better and give really blurred smokey lines.

Honestly the mattes weren’t incredibly easy to blend except the ones in the sapphire palette. Particularly the mattes in the ruby palette were really difficult to blend and it took several layers to build a deep color like I wanted and every time I went to go blend again it would fluff away the color and make it more of a sheer was again.

On the other hand all of the metallics were really creamy and very pigmented. To be honest I’m not very impressed by that because even the drugstore is able to make amazing metallics and it is now common knowledge that metallics are pretty easy shadows to create and formulate.

I got these palettes during a huge sale so I believe they were only $12 a piece but I definitely do not think they are worth the full price of $27 when drugstore and affordable brands are totally stepping up their shadow game. I would look towards Colourpop or Morphe if you are needing some color pops in your makeup collection. If you have wanted to try the obsessions palettes I would hold off until you see them with a discount!

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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