review: tati beauty blendiful

happy wednesday, loves! today we are taking a look at tati beauty’s newest launch in the blendiful. you should all be fair warned that tati westbrook is one of my idols so even when i think i dont want something, she makes me buy it.

honestly when she announced that her second product would be a beauty tool i was a little disappointed, mostly because i am dying to see what she has to put out for us after the textured neutrals palette was such a smash hit. but after hearing it was a smash hit with many people who tried it, i had to get my hands on it myself.

the blendiful is $18 for one full blendiful and one baby blendiful and can be found at

now lets get straight to the point. this is a game changer. i have been a faithful beauty blender user for years and i have never found another tool or brush that i ever truly enjoyed for creams. i love brushes for all things powder but cream belongs on a sponge in this girls makeup routine. but the blendiful has totally changed that.

you dont need to use nearly as much product as with a beauty blender and everything applies seamlessly and smoothly. i really feel like this works so well on blurring pores without even using a pore blurring primer. i can especially appreciate this as someone who tends to use gripping primers over pore filling primers.

for powders this is amazing. it does apply more product than a brush so it is something to be mindful if when you are using it for blush or bronzer. my favorite way to use this with powder is for brightening powder under the eyes. it really sets your concealer but because of the heavy application it brings a lot of light under the eyes which counteracts that darkness a lot of us experience.

one big thing to know about the blendiful is that it makes your foundation matte. as someone with dry skin, i generally choose dewy foundations or try to make my foundation as glowy as possible. so although it makes my foundation look very smooth i think i will use my beauty blender for foundation and use my blendiful for all my other products, especially concealer for an extra punch of coverage. i will probably take the blendiful over my larger pore areas to create a smooth finish over that area.

overall i think everyone should for sure grab themselves a blendiful. as far as beauty tools go i think this is truly unique and innovative. so far tati beauty is a smash hit. have you all tried tati beauty? and how are you feeling about the blendiful?

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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