review: amrezy x abh palette

happy wednesday, loves! today we are taking a look at the new Anastasia Beverly Hills X Amrezy eyeshadow palette. When I saw Norvina, head of ABH, announce that this would be essentially their only launch of the year, I knew I needed to test it out for you all. In todays beauty world, where launches are happening so frequently it feels like you can’t blink without another brand coming out with new product, a company like ABH deciding to stake their whole year until holiday on one palette is a huge statement.

the new amrezy palette is $49 and available at


ABH palettes have been very hit or miss and putting all their stock in one palette seemed risky but damn, it paid off. this palette is a knock out!

The color selection is absolutely brilliant. There are six matte shades and excluding the burgundy, they are all neutral which makes it so easy to create any look you may want. The metallics and the glitters are where you get your more exciting colors from. The pinks and purples are really wearable and paired beautifully with neutral metallics. So you can make your look bright or neutral or just add a pop of color. There is a lot of versatility especially for a 16 pan palette.

The formula of these shadows is wonderful. It does have a little bit of kick back but not so much that its concerning. again, i have mentioned most finely milled easy to blend shadows do have a little bit of dust when you dip your brush in them. The mattes blend seamlessly. The metallics are some that have actually excited me recently in an industry where all of the metallics seem to be the same. They are pigmented and shiny without having to wet a brush. I like applying the metallics best with my fingers and not with a brush. If you want to use a brush I would wet it to ensure less fallout.

all in all this is an amazing palette and i dont see anyone regretting buying it. have you tested the new anastasia x amrezy palette? do you love it? are you interested in trying it out?

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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