review: amazon beauty blender dupe

happy wednesday, loves! i hope you all are staying safe and inside (social distancing works)! today we are going to be taking a look at a set of beauty sponges from amazon that a lot of people are comparing to the beauty blender. as an avid beauty blender lover, i needed to get my hands on these and see how they live up.

the beakey 5 piece makeup sponge set is $8.99 and is available at

ever since the beauty blender came out and changed the makeup game, companies have been trying to emulate that success in their own beauty sponges. to be honest, i have yet to try one that lives up. i always think i can achieve what i want with another sponge but without fail always return back to the original beauty blender.

to make things simple, this sponge set is the best beauty blender dupe out there. one of my main complaints of other beauty sponges (real techniques, morphe, etc) is the texture is not nearly as soft and pliable as the beauty blender which i think has a lot to do with how it is able to really press product into the skin. this sponge feels nearly identical especially once it is dampened to the original beauty blender. it is soft on the skin, able to absorb excess product but not too much that you are wasting product, and applies product seamlessly.

with each beauty blender running $20 and this pack containing five near identical dupes for only $8.99, i think this is an absolute no brainer. it also makes it so much easier for us ladies on a budget to be replacing our beauty sponges on a regular basis (hygiene first!) when its that kind of bargain. i honestly dont think i will be purchasing a beauty blender in the future and will consistently use these sponges as my replacement.

as far as this sponge versus the tati beauty blendiful, i love them both and use them for different things. if you have oily skin or dont like glowy foundation i would go with the blendiful for the smooth more matte finish on foundation. as someone with more normal to dry skin who wants a glow from my cream products, i prefer to use the blendiful for cream contour or blush. i also use the blendiful for concealer and under-eye setting powder because i feel i get more coverage than with a sponge. i personally love using the sponge for my foundation. i find it diffuses the product to not look heavy or cakey on my dry skin and allows my glowy foundations to remain luminous.

so there you have it, next time you need a new beauty blender take a look on amazon!

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

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