review : nyx liquid suede

Lip trends for the past year have revolved solely around matte liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks have been on the market for quite some time. I remember years ago getting a sephora deluxe sample of a Stila liquid lipstick. With Lolita and pretty much every Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick trending all over the internet, the long-last formula skyrocketed in popularity. Lucky for makeup addicts, a rise in popularity means a rise in selection. Every brand on the market has to keep up with the trends and start making their own versions. For any beauty ballin’ on a budget, the drugstore has come out with tons of exciting new options that have a much cooler price tag then ABH $20 lipsticks.

To start my journey into drugstore lips, I put the NYX liquid suede to the test. There are 12 shades in the range (I have every color but vamp & soft-spoken ). The line has everything from your understated nude, to your vampy burgundy, to your the biggest statement colors.

The prices range from:

$7.00 on

$6.99 on

$6.99 on

$6.99 on


I tested out the color Cherry Skies for a full day of classes. I applied it at 9am without a lipliner because the best liquid lip should stay in place without help. It applied smooth and dried within 10 mins which is a major key because I rub my lips together all the time and usually end up smearing the inner portion of my lip color until it is gone. After classes were over and I got home  at 12:30pm, I checked my lipstick and it was perfectly matte and had not budged a millimeter since I applied it over 3 hours before! It also hadn’t made my lips feel dry yet which was an accomplishment in itself because it was the middle of a Colorado winter that steals every drop of moisture from your body.

Impressed, I headed off to lunch with my roommate where we ate some very greasy dining hall pizza and still the lipstick stayed in place! I then proceeded to take an approximately 5 hour nap 😁 where i rolled around all over my white bedding and woke up to perfectly clean sheets (i am as shocked as you are, I expected a blood bath). Again I ate some very greasy dining hall pizza (yes,again) and was back in my dorm around 6:45, by this point the lipstick had dried my lips out a little and smeared from the grease. I finally took it of but it lasted over NINE hours looking nearly perfect. So i give this liquid lippie a big 👍🏻

Let me know what you’ve thought about the product if you’ve given it a try. You can expect more drugstore liquid lipstick reviews coming. Please give me any suggestions for products I should try, reviews or posts you’d like to see. Thank you as always

love & lipstick kisses💋


3 thoughts on “review : nyx liquid suede

      1. I know right?! And they’re sooooo affordable! You should check out the brand Makeup Revolution as well if you haven’t already they sell at Ulta and online but their range of Salvation Velvet Laquers are to die for!! And I have a youtube channel where I’ll be posting all my reactions to the new store opening!! I’m so excited!!!

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