new blogger on the block

well here goes:

As many of you may know, I have been passionate about all things beauty for most of my life. I still remember as a little girl sitting on my mothers bathroom floor and opening each and every lipstick in the acrylic holder and admiring the art. Around sixth grade my lovely mom took me to a Mary Kay class about how to apply makeup. She’s always been able to notice when I get that twinkle of passion in my eye for something. It was then that I started applying the slightest bit of eyeshadow and fell even more in love. That little bit of neutral eyeshadow soon became a lot of extremely black eyeliner (didn’t we all go through the middle school heavy eyeliner phase). Once in high school, I started realizing it was more than a hobby and I may have a real talent. I began doing my friends makeup for homecoming, prom, and graduation. Nearly every cent I made at my very part-time job went to my increasing collection. It was junior year that I finally realized that this was what I wanted to do with my life, which led me to choose business as my major at a smaller school close to home. I researched makeup schools and decided to attend Makeup Designory in California during a summer off of college. To feed my spending addiction I decided to get a part-time job in the industry I love. Now I work as a beauty consultant in the Nordstrom Beauty Spot. After many discussions with my endlessly supportive mother and too much money invested in new products, I concluded that I have always loved to write and I might as well combine that with my true love of makeup artistry. I hope to just spread my passion and promote the somewhat pricey but healthy outlet that the beauty world has provided for me. Enjoy & share with all your beauty loving friends.

love&lipstick kisses💋

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