review: milani conceal & perfect foundation

Happy Wednesday, loves! We are continuing our feature of Milani Cosmetics with a look at their latest sensation blowing up the beauty world. The new Milani Conceal and Perfect Foundation has been all the rave on the beauty blogging circuit as the foundation with perfect coverage that works as concealer as well. So with all the hype, I (the foundation cynic) decided to put it to the test!

prices range:

$8.52 at

$9.99 at

$9.99 at

$9.99 at

I have owned the shade 02 natural (there are 14 shades in total) for a couple of months and been testing it out for quite a while. I had to get pretty tan for this shade to not look incredibly orange on me. I definitely would be more on the 01 creamy vanilla shade if that had been available. One of my favorite things about this foundation is the undertone. It is more on the neutral side than most other drugstore foundation I’ve used. I always find that the lighter shades are super pink and even though I am pretty fair I am yellow-neutral undertoned.

I really enjoy the coverage of this foundation. Anytime I have redness or imperfections I think this foundation makes my skin look better than most in my unreasonably large collection. I still have to use under eye concealer because I find that my face lacks dimension and feels really flat without highlighting the under eye area. However, I don’t have to add extra concealer to any blemishes or discoloration.

This foundation is one of the longest wear foundations on my skin. I have a really hard time finding a foundation that lasts on me even though my skin produces practically no oil. I love the natural finish it gives because often full coverage foundations have a matte finish which doesn’t suit my dry skin. The foundation is also very easy to layer and build up coverage without looking cakey or bunching up.

This is definitely in the top 5 foundations Ive tried from the drugstore. I love the glass bottle with a pump that keeps everything sanitary and stops you from wasting product. If you are on the hunt for a budget friendly medium-full coverage foundation, check out the Milani Conceal and Perfect!

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review: milani bella eyes gel powder eyeshadow

Happy Tuesday, loves! Today we continue our look at Milani Cosmetics with their Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow. There are 31 shades of the formula ranging from creamy nudes to smoky greys.

prices range:

$3.77 at

$3.99 at

$4.19 at

$4.69 at

$4.99 at

I purchased the six shades that were available in the walgreens that I found milani products. I was only able to find the neutral shades. I’ve been testing the shadows for a couple of months and actually really enjoy them. They are some of my favorite drugstore shadows.

The shadows feel creamy to the touch and smooth on the lids. Because they have that sort of soft texture, I prefer to apply them with my fingers. You definitely get the best color payoff by packing them on the lid with a finger.

These were my favorite shadows when I was going to class because they are effortless to apply. I think they are some of the most hassle free shadows I own. These shadows (at least in the colors I own) are perfect for a light airy look. One of my favorite ways to wear it was a really bronzy look on the face with bella champagne kind of messily smeared on the lids. My least favorite of the bunch is bella chiffon because it is a little more chalky than the others and just looks powdery.

I think these shadows are incredibly creamy and beautiful on the lids. I still find that I like them mostly for my lighter looks and reach more for Makeup Geek shadows on my daily glam basis. But for the bargain you can’t find another shadow at this quality in the drugstore!!

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review: milani baked blush

Hey loves! Happy Monday! This week I will be doing a review monday-thursday featuring Milani Cosmetics products. Milani was one of the first brands (especially drugstore) that catered to women of color. The fact that Milani provides for women of all ethnicities and shades was a huge attraction to me because working in the industry made me realize how few options there really are for any woman of color. Now Milani has expanded and become a beloved drugstore brand.

Today we start by taking a look at maybe the most hyped up Milani product over the years, the milani baked blush. The baked blush comes in 9 shades and I was able to pick up 3 of them. I purchased rose d’oro, berry amore, and luminoso.

prices range:

$6.97 at

$7.29 at

$7.49 at

$8.29 at

$8.49 at

When I first went searching for the milani products, I had my sights set on luminoso. Luminoso is one of the most famous drugstore products on the market because it is said to be a nearly perfect dupe for the cult favorite Nars Orgasm blush.

Ive been on a crazy cheek kick lately where all I want to buy is cheek products. Ive been trying these blushes for a couple of months and I absolutely love them. The blushes are creamy and have the perfect amount of microshimmer to create a nice glow without looking glittery. One of my favorite things about the blush is that it isnt crazy pigmented. It is the perfect blush for every level of makeup user. With a light swipe you have a perfect natural flush but people who prefer a more dramatic look can get a more pigmented look.

My favorite color by far is luminoso. I think it is the perfect shade for a ton of different skintones especially during summer. I like to keep my blushes on the orangy/coral side during summer and more rosy/berry during the fall and winter months. So I will definitely get more use out of the other colors later in the year.

I definitely think these  blushes are incredible and similar to most high end blushes for a much more reasonable price. If you are looking for a new blush and were wondering which to give a shot, I suggest considering the milani baked blushes!

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review: berrisom my lip tint pack

If you look at any beauty instagrams you probably have seen the Huda Kattan video where she puts on a dark glossy looking color and peels it off to leave a beautiful stain behind. The video absolutely blew up on the internet and suddenly everyone was obsessing over the new trend of peel off makeup. I bought the whole set to show you all whether the crazy new trend is actually worth your money.

prices range from :

$9.00 for a single tint from

$35.00 for the 6 piece set from

You can find the pack on eBay and Amazon and a few other sites but I can’t verify that those are actually the original Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack.

The tint comes out as a very pigmented sticky gloss texture and has a strong chemical smell that turns into a strong chemical taste. When I first opened mine, the tints were so pressurized that the product would not stop coming out even when I wasn’t touching it. I am not sure it this was because of how it was shipped or some thing because I  haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem. The applicator is okay but the product gets moved around easily if you go back over to make sure you have completely covered your lips.

I found that you have to be certain to apply the tint evenly otherwise when the product is peeled off you will have little patches that are darker than others. No matter which one I used and how long I let it dry the center of my lips always turned out way darker than the rest. It made it look like I had just eaten a popsicle and not in the cute way people always talk about but in the realistic way where you look absolutely crazy.

Since the center was always darker I would rub my finger on the excess product until it was a little  more subtle. The color faded during wear so that you didn’t have the popsicle ring. The tint only lasts a few hours and doesn’t last through eating or drinking. It can also be a little drying so I think you can get a similar color payoff in a tinted lip balm that would keep your lips hydrated. I think this product is way overhyped and not worth the money. If you wanted another cheaper alternative the colourpop sheer lippie stix have perfect color and last forever on your lips (more on that to come later!!) 

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new blogger on the block

well here goes:

As many of you may know, I have been passionate about all things beauty for most of my life. I still remember as a little girl sitting on my mothers bathroom floor and opening each and every lipstick in the acrylic holder and admiring the art. Around sixth grade my lovely mom took me to a Mary Kay class about how to apply makeup. She’s always been able to notice when I get that twinkle of passion in my eye for something. It was then that I started applying the slightest bit of eyeshadow and fell even more in love. That little bit of neutral eyeshadow soon became a lot of extremely black eyeliner (didn’t we all go through the middle school heavy eyeliner phase). Once in high school, I started realizing it was more than a hobby and I may have a real talent. I began doing my friends makeup for homecoming, prom, and graduation. Nearly every cent I made at my very part-time job went to my increasing collection. It was junior year that I finally realized that this was what I wanted to do with my life, which led me to choose business as my major at a smaller school close to home. I researched makeup schools and decided to attend Makeup Designory in California during a summer off of college. To feed my spending addiction I decided to get a part-time job in the industry I love. Now I work as a beauty consultant in the Nordstrom Beauty Spot. After many discussions with my endlessly supportive mother and too much money invested in new products, I concluded that I have always loved to write and I might as well combine that with my true love of makeup artistry. I hope to just spread my passion and promote the somewhat pricey but healthy outlet that the beauty world has provided for me. Enjoy & share with all your beauty loving friends.

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