review: berrisom my lip tint pack

If you look at any beauty instagrams you probably have seen the Huda Kattan video where she puts on a dark glossy looking color and peels it off to leave a beautiful stain behind. The video absolutely blew up on the internet and suddenly everyone was obsessing over the new trend of peel off makeup. I bought the whole set to show you all whether the crazy new trend is actually worth your money.

prices range from :

$9.00 for a single tint from

$35.00 for the 6 piece set from

You can find the pack on eBay and Amazon and a few other sites but I can’t verify that those are actually the original Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack.

The tint comes out as a very pigmented sticky gloss texture and has a strong chemical smell that turns into a strong chemical taste. When I first opened mine, the tints were so pressurized that the product would not stop coming out even when I wasn’t touching it. I am not sure it this was because of how it was shipped or some thing because I  haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem. The applicator is okay but the product gets moved around easily if you go back over to make sure you have completely covered your lips.

I found that you have to be certain to apply the tint evenly otherwise when the product is peeled off you will have little patches that are darker than others. No matter which one I used and how long I let it dry the center of my lips always turned out way darker than the rest. It made it look like I had just eaten a popsicle and not in the cute way people always talk about but in the realistic way where you look absolutely crazy.

Since the center was always darker I would rub my finger on the excess product until it was a little  more subtle. The color faded during wear so that you didn’t have the popsicle ring. The tint only lasts a few hours and doesn’t last through eating or drinking. It can also be a little drying so I think you can get a similar color payoff in a tinted lip balm that would keep your lips hydrated. I think this product is way overhyped and not worth the money. If you wanted another cheaper alternative the colourpop sheer lippie stix have perfect color and last forever on your lips (more on that to come later!!) 

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love & lipstick kisses💋

6 thoughts on “review: berrisom my lip tint pack

  1. That sucks that it doesn’t last long. I thought that was the whole point of a tint! I was skeptical of this anyway, although it does sound cool. But I’ve heard too many people mention that chemical smell even sometimes burning their lips that I won’t try it


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