review: revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor

continuing on our look at liquid lipsticks, we put the Revlon ultra hd matte lip colors under the microscope.the ultra hd matte lipcolor comes in 8 shades. the shades begin with a simple nude and range to a classic berry.

prices range from:

$9.99 at

$8.99 at

$8.99 at

$8.99 at

$7.99 at

I tried out the color addiction for another full day of classes. I applied the liquid lipstick at 9am, again without any liner, and headed off to class. It was over an hour before the lipstick started feeling like it had dried. It does not look matte when you apply it, most liquid lipsticks don’t, thats why they dry to a matte. This lipstick took so long to dry, if you want a matte lip you would have to put it on an hour before you wanted the lipstick because it looks like a thick very pigmented gloss before it dries.

After classes I packed up my things to head to lunch with my mom and best friend. Just as I am about to head out the door, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my lips look super dry and flaky. I expect liquid lipstick to dry my lips out a little but not to the point where skin is peeling when it wasn’t before I had put any product on. I had committed to giving all my products a fair chance so I walked out the door and headed to lunch.

I sat down for lunch and while everyone got there food, I sat on the phone with insurance for over an hour (i’ve never felt like more of an adult). After I was finally able to talk with my best friend, I asked her how the lipstick looked and she said it was basically a mess. At this point I already knew I wasn’t a big fan but left it on anyways because it had only been a few hours. Once we finished lunch, I got into my car and when I saw my lipstick in the rearview mirror I almost screamed.

It had made my lips looked extremely dry but obviously had not dried how a liquid lip should because it was smeared around the edge of my lips. It had very noticeably run into the lines around my lips (i’m only 18 so i don’t have very many lines but apparently a truly horrible lipstick can age you 30 years). As soon as I got home I went to the makeup wipes and got that atrocious lip off of me. If you are looking for a good liquid lipstick that won’t break the bank, go with nyx liquid suede and save the extra $2. This lip definitely gets a big

as always let me know what you’ve thought about the product if you’ve given it a try. Expect a new post next friday. Please give me any suggestions for products I should try, reviews or posts you’d like to see. Thank you for your support

love & lipstick kisses💋

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