halloween tutorial: masquerade

For this look, I was inspired by a look I saw on pinterest. It is a super easy look that is perfect for a last minute halloween costume. If you leave the house with this makeup look you’ll be a sensation with hardly any effort at all!

products used:

elmers glue stick

nivea mens shave balm

milani conceal and perfect foundation – 02 natural

lorac pro palette

morphe eyeshadow palette – 35N

mac gigiblack mascara – black

bobbi brown gel definer liner – pitch black

ardell lashes – 251

duo brush on lash glue

dolce & gabbana the blush – tan

milani baked blush – 05 luminoso

graftobian liquid latex

makeup forever flash palette

cinema secrets blood gel

colourpop ultra matte lip – LAX

marc jacobs highliner – black

nyx retractable lip liner – dark red

step 1: prime –  I applied nivea mens shave balm to smooth my skin and prolong my foundation wear.

step 2: brows – I used elmers glue stick to glue down my brows so that they wouldn’t be ripped off by the liquid latex.

step 3: foundation – I applied milani foundation all over my face and over the glue on my brows for an even base.

step 4: shadow – I decided to go with a brown smokey eye. I blended taupe all over my crease and lid. I then took sable a little lower in my crease and all over the lid. I depended the look by packing espresso all over my lid. I took black on a pencil brush and smudged it over my lash line instead of using liner. I then took a flat shader brush and applied black on my lower lash line and blended it out with sable and espresso.


step 5: liner – I put bobbi brown liner in my waterline and set it with the black shade from the lorac palette for added smoke.

step 6: mascara – mac gigiblack mascara is my go to for darkening my lashes before falsies because it still looks natural enough to blend with lashes.

step 7: lashes – I used ardell 251 lashes for this look. I like the duo brush on lash glue because it is so easy to apply it evenly on the lash band without a mess. I let it dry for  about 30 seconds before actually putting them on my eyes so that they are tacky enough. I press them against my real lashes with tweezers so that you can’t see a distinction line.

step 8: contour – I used d&g tan blush to carve out my cheekbones.

step 9: blush – I applied luminoso starting at the apples of my cheeks back towards my temples for a peachy glow.

step 10: liquid latex – To create a kind of scar like, open tissue texture, I paint liquid latex on the area and then stick pieces of pulled apart cotton on top. I then apply another later of liquid latex and use my fingers to pull the latex apart and move it in varying directions to create texture. If you use varying pieces of thin cotton you will already get a lot of texture.

step 11: coloring – For the beginning of the bloody look you need to lay down a base of color. I start by putting foundation over the liquid latex area so that it blend with the rest of my makeup and no white shows through. I then take a sponge and use MUF flash palette to create a red area. I mixed the red, brown and black creams to begin to darken the ‘scars’. (The only reason I have the flash palette is because of this series. It is super expensive and unless you do fx makeup is not worth it. I would just use lipsticks. Thats what I did for my look last year and it worked perfectly.) I then used a mixture of cool browns, burgundys, and reds from the morphe 35n palette to create a bruising effect. Once I got the look dark enough, I used a beauty sponge to pat on blood gel over the whole latex area until I looked just disgusting enough!



step 12: lips – I want really vampy lips so I lined my lips with a marc jacobs black eyeliner and then went over it with nyx dark red to blend it in. I then applied colourpop LAX on top for a deep red brown lip.

here’s the completed look again:


I am providing pictures of some of the products so that you can find similar products and colors in your own collections! These are just the products I use but you can substitute in anything really and still look fierce. If any of you recreate these looks please tag me in them so I can see all your beautiful faces!! Ill be back tomorrow with another halloween look. Don’t forget to check back!

love & lipstick kisses💋

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