review: ofra long lasting liquid lipstick 

Happy Monday, loves! I haven’t been as active on social media lately because I’m working on a huge project for the blog so please forgive me. I ordered the Ofra long lasting liquid lipsticks off of hautelook a few months ago. On the lipstick it says if you use the code “hautelook” at your checkout on ofra’s website you can get some money off!

prices range:

$19.90 at

If you follow any of the major beauty bloggers, you’ve probably heard them absolutely rave about these lipsticks. When I saw them on hautelook I couldn’t resist putting them to the test myself and I have to say I am very impressed. 

These liquid lips are much lighter than most of the other ones on the market. They feel slightly oily when you first put them on but they do dry to a true matte. Since they have that light texture, they don’t dry out your lips like some of others can. With the Colorado dryness, my lips are often a little too dry to wear liquid mattes all day but these are one of only two formulas that doesn’t make me look like a chapped cracking mess (the other will be revealed very soon!). 

São Paulo has made its way to the top of my list. It is the perfect nude for my skin tone and by far my favorite nude liquid lipstick. As I discussed in my Kylie matte review, nude liquid lips often turn much darker than they look in the tube and i don’t have that problem with this one. 

I like the true mattes more than the more metallic mattes. I find that Times Square, Fifth Ave, and Hawaii Tropical are less pigmented than the others. I bought these mostly for more creative looks and using them around my eyes but they aresuper oily and you have to apply multiple layers to get it to an intense color. Since they are oily, you have to wait for the first layer to dry before you apply another otherwise you end up just moving the pigment around and it ends up a little patchy. I believe these more shimmery matte shades may have been reformulated since the versions I bought so the rumor is they are more on par with the formula of the regular matte shades. 

Ofra carries a huge shade range and I will definitely eat looking into more of their matte shades! I highly recommend giving them a shot, they are by far the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve owned. 

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love & lipstick kisses 💋

2 thoughts on “review: ofra long lasting liquid lipstick 

  1. Long lasting lipstick is a lifesaver for Orthodox Jewish women (me). We can’t apply makeup during the Sabbath, which we call “Shabbos”. It starts at sundown on Friday and ends 25 hours later. And yet, we like to look extra beautiful in honour of the day, so for me at least makeup is essential! Other women might say “So? Go without for one day!”, but I expect a makeup blogger like you understands!

    Check out my blog for more on Jewish traditions!

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