review: Jeffree Star beauty killer palette 

Happy Monday, loves! Jeffree Star Cosmetics has absolutely blown up in the past year. Every restock is complete chaos and the products sell out within minutes. I braved the Internet crowds a couple of times to grab some of his products to review for you all. I’ve had his first ever eyeshadow palette for a few months now and feel comfortable giving you all my thoughts. 

prices range: 

$45.00 on

The palette contains 10 shadows with 4 matte shades, 4 satin shades, and two glitter shades. There are a few bold colors, a few purple tones, and a few neutrals. 

I have very mixed feelings about the shadows in this palette. Some of them are in my daily rotation and some of them I want to just pop right out of the palette. 

I love china white, courtney, violence, and vanity. My least favorites are by far the two glitter shades: expensive and black diamond. The glitter basically disappears as soon as you touch the shadow. It is nearly impossible to get any glitter from the pan onto your lids. The big reason I bought this palette was star power. I thought I could have all sorts of fun with a pink shadow but I use this one very little because it stains my eyelids pink after I remove it and makes me look like I have some sort of eye infection. Not cute!

The shadows pans are huge and the shadows themselves are really creamy (except the glitters) and easy to blend (except the glitters they are just horrible). The shade rich bitch is actually so creamy it’s kind of hard to apply. It is so buttery you pick up way too much product and either end up with fallout or a chunky texture on your lids that doesn’t feel great when you blink. It is beautiful and crazy pigmented so I suggest just tapping your finger in it and patting it on your eyes to prevent those problems. 

I honestly don’t think it’s worth the $45 for the 10 shades especially since 2 of them are basically unusable. You do get more product in each pan than in the average palette, but most palettes also contain 12 shades instead of 10. If you’ve had your eye on this and are dying to grab it then I would just keep in mind the formulation of the glitter shades because the other shadows are quite nice. If you are just looking for a new palette, I recommend checking out lorac or anastasia. 

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love & lipstick kisses💋

4 thoughts on “review: Jeffree Star beauty killer palette 

  1. I love this palette! It’s so different from other palettes and I’m honestly glad it doesn’t have a lot of neutrals because too many palettes out there have only browns and it gets boring.


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