halloween tutorial: gold finger

If you know me, you probably know that my favorite color is gold so when I decided to do this feature, I knew I had to do a crazy gold look. Every time I think of my obsession with gold, the song goldfinger from james bond always comes into my head. Although this look doesn’t look exactly like the woman in goldfinger, it was certainly inspired by her.

products used:

nivea mens shave balm

milani conceal and perfect foundation – 02 natural

cover fx custom cover drops – moonlight

maybelline age rewind concealer – neutralizer

pat mcgrath highlighting stick – golden

pat mcgrath highlighting powder – golden

anastasia beverly hills glow kit – that glow

ofra liquid lipstick – fifth ave

jeffree star beauty killer palette

mac gigiblack mascara – black

lena lashes – bianca

duo clear lash glue

duo brush on lash glue

hobby lobby glitter & sequence

step 1: prime –  I applied nivea mens shave balm to smooth my skin and prolong my foundation wear

step 2: foundation – I mixed my milani foundation with the cover fx moonlight drops to create really glowy full coverage skin.

step 3: concealer – I used maybelline age rewind concealer to cover my dark circles and highlight my chin, cupids bow, bridge of nose, and center of forehead.

step 4: highlight – I applied pat mcgraths golden highlighting stick on the high points of my cheek and then put the powder golden highlight on top of it. Instead of using bronzer, I used ABH golden bronze on my cheeks. I then also fanned sunburst and dripping in gold on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, cupids bow, and chin for an extra poppin’ highlight.


step 5: glitter explosion – I used a flat paint brush to paint duo clear lash glue onto my right eye area. I used my finger to pack a fine gold glitter on top of the glue before it dried.

step 6: sequence brow – I took each sequence and applied a little duo brush on lash glue on the back and pressed it on my brow until it was completely covered.

step 7: mascara – mac gigiblack mascara is my go to for darkening my lashes before falsies because it still looks natural enough to blend with lashes.

step 8: false lashes – I used lena lashes in bianca for this look. I like the duo brush on lash glue because it is so easy to apply it evenly on the lash band without a mess. I let it dry for  about 30 seconds before actually putting them on my eyes so that they are tacky enough. I press them against my real lashes with tweezers so that you can’t see a distinction line.

step 9: metallic lips – I applied ofra’s fifth ave liquid lipstick as the base for my golden lip. It wasn’t quite as pigmented as I wanted so I used my finger to pat on JS rich bitch on top.


step 10: glitter hairline – For an extra pop of gold I sprinkled a larger glitter all over my hairline.

here’s the completed look again:


I am providing pictures of some of the products so that you can find similar products and colors in your own collections! These are just the products I use but you can substitute in anything really and still look fierce. If any of you recreate these looks please tag me in them so I can see all your beautiful faces!! Ill be back tomorrow with another halloween look. Don’t forget to check back!

love & lipstick kisses💋

review: jeffree star skin frost

Happy Monday, loves! As you know I stalked Jeffree Star Cosmetics over the past few months for every new relaunch so I could get my hands on a bunch of his products. Now that they have resolved their stock issues I feel comfortable giving you my thoughts on his majorly hyped up highlighters.

prices range:

$29.00 on jeffreestarcosmetics.com


Now this may be one of my shorter reviews because there is not much to say about this besides how much I love it. This is one of the most beautiful highlighters I own (and I own an extremely excessive amount). I purchased the shade ice cold because it is the fairest shade he sells. It really is a stark white shade when you look in the pan but on the skin it is a little more cream toned. It is a super intense highlight and is not for the faint of heart. If you are new to the highlighting game I would not start with this one but if you want to be beaming and seen from space then you need to look into the skin frosts.


The powder is perfectly creamy and glides on the skin easily. Ice cold is smooth and glowy without looking glittery which I greatly appreciate. Some people may think its a hefty price tag but the pan is the size of my face so you are definitely getting your moneys worth! I also adore the fact that Jeffree has been sure to cater to beauty lovers of all skin tones. There are eight shades in the range so you are sure to find one that will suit you. I can’t say enough good things about this highlight!

If you follow me on instagram (@institutionbeauty ) you know that October 1 I am starting a month long halloween feature. I will be posting a new halloween look every single day of October. I have put together some super easy last minute costumes, some gory, some glam, and some classic looks for you all. I will be giving a post with step by step instructions and product listings to help you achieve the looks too! So check back Saturday to see my first look of the month long series!!

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review: Jeffree Star beauty killer palette 

Happy Monday, loves! Jeffree Star Cosmetics has absolutely blown up in the past year. Every restock is complete chaos and the products sell out within minutes. I braved the Internet crowds a couple of times to grab some of his products to review for you all. I’ve had his first ever eyeshadow palette for a few months now and feel comfortable giving you all my thoughts. 

prices range: 

$45.00 on jeffreestarcosmetics.com

The palette contains 10 shadows with 4 matte shades, 4 satin shades, and two glitter shades. There are a few bold colors, a few purple tones, and a few neutrals. 

I have very mixed feelings about the shadows in this palette. Some of them are in my daily rotation and some of them I want to just pop right out of the palette. 

I love china white, courtney, violence, and vanity. My least favorites are by far the two glitter shades: expensive and black diamond. The glitter basically disappears as soon as you touch the shadow. It is nearly impossible to get any glitter from the pan onto your lids. The big reason I bought this palette was star power. I thought I could have all sorts of fun with a pink shadow but I use this one very little because it stains my eyelids pink after I remove it and makes me look like I have some sort of eye infection. Not cute!

The shadows pans are huge and the shadows themselves are really creamy (except the glitters) and easy to blend (except the glitters they are just horrible). The shade rich bitch is actually so creamy it’s kind of hard to apply. It is so buttery you pick up way too much product and either end up with fallout or a chunky texture on your lids that doesn’t feel great when you blink. It is beautiful and crazy pigmented so I suggest just tapping your finger in it and patting it on your eyes to prevent those problems. 

I honestly don’t think it’s worth the $45 for the 10 shades especially since 2 of them are basically unusable. You do get more product in each pan than in the average palette, but most palettes also contain 12 shades instead of 10. If you’ve had your eye on this and are dying to grab it then I would just keep in mind the formulation of the glitter shades because the other shadows are quite nice. If you are just looking for a new palette, I recommend checking out lorac or anastasia. 

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