review: dose of colors eyedeal duo

Happy Monday, loves! This week we are taking a look at a product that I haven’t seen tons of blogger talk about, dose of colors eyedeal duo. The duo contains a cream shadow and a glitter in a dual layered container.  The product comes in 13 different shades from more neutrals to stand out greens.

prices range:

$25.00 at

$25.00 at


I purchased the shade disco because I have been looking for a good silver glitter for quite a while. I like the product in concept but not as much in execution. I think its a great idea to have a cream shadow or primer to help lock in the glitter but this one didn’t work for me. I found the cream to be too oily and slippery to actually secure the glitter and it feels as though it moves around on your lid. I much prefer the Too Faced glitter glue to secure my glitters.

On the other hand I do actually enjoy the glitter. It is vibrant and very finely milled. It is not as chunky as most of my other glitters and ends up looking a little more metallic rather than glittery which is not necessarily a bad thing. As with all glitters, it is pretty messy. I think you’re best bet for decreasing the mess is using a more tacky primer than the one that comes with it.

Although I like the glitter, I find the price tag to be too steep for what you are getting. I much prefer my violet voss glitters that will only put you out $9.00 each. If you’ve had your eye on one of these duos for a while than go ahead and grab it, just know you might not get much use out of the cream. If you are just looking for a good glitter or want to get started in using glitters, I would check out violet voss glitters and splurge a little on a better primer like the too faced glitter glue!

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5 thoughts on “review: dose of colors eyedeal duo

  1. I’ve actually been going back and forth about adding some Dose of Colors products to my current makeup collection since I actually don’t own any! I’ve seen their lipsticks around instagram quite often recently. I’m looking forward to seeing more content!

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