review: kylie lip kits 

Happy Monday, loves! This week  we are gonna take a look at the lip line the lip legend herself created. We will have a new post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! For about two months I have been testing out Kylie Cosmetics products and gathering my opinions. I waited quite a while to post a review because her products were nearly impossible to get a hold of and every launch sold out within minutes. In the past few weeks Kylie has increased her output and all her products are much more readily available than before!

 Today we take a look at the first product she released, her lip kits. The lip kits include a lip liner and liquid lipstick that come in 18 shades and retail for $29 on You are now able to purchase the lip liner separately in seven shades for $14.00. You can also purchase the matte liquid lipstick separately in seven shades for $17.00. The authentic Kylie products are only available on

I purchased the lip kit in exposed. Exposed is described as a warm mid tone beige. This was her most nude toned shade from the original launches that is now complimented by Maliboo which is a more cool toned nude. 

As I’m sure many of you have heard there was quite the controversy over Kylie’s lip products being Colourpop lip products just in different packaging. Some sources claim this has been debunked and others claim that they both use the same manufacturers so it is all the same product. I really don’t care to weigh in much but in my experience the products didn’t seem exactly the same. All of this drama between makeup companies lately is just really unnecessary and pathetic as far as I’m concerned but I’m getting off track here. 

I absolutely love the lip liner from the kit. it is so creamy and feels much more comfortable than most on the lips. The texture is similar to the colourpop liners but it is not nearly as patchy as the colourpop ones can be when you fill in your whole lips. 

The liquid lip feels very liquid in texture and takes a little longer to dry than some of the other ones I own. It is fairly drying but most matte long wearing lips are. I just suggest putting on a Chapstick before you apply the product. I don’t think the Kylie lip lasts as long as some of my others such as Anastasia but that one is way more drying than the Kylie. It will still last many hours but my Anastasia will last literally all day without budging. 

My biggest downfall of this lipstick is the color. I chose Exposed because of all the incredible pictures on Instagram. I had seen Kylie wear it in dozens of pictures. I had seen swatch videos and hundreds of pictures of customers and PR faces wearing it. Sure it looked different on various people but it always looked like it was in the nude realm of shades. 

This color looks nothing like what it does in the tube. In the packaging (which does show the actual product) it looks like a warm peachy nude, once it touches my lips it is a very “mid toned” brown. It isn’t a lip I could wear every day because it dries as quite the statement lip. At first I thought maybe it was just me and my skin tone and my lip pigmentation and what not but I soon heard from other friends who had the exact same problem. I actually find this change in shade a lot in nude liquid lipsticks but the fact that some people had a nice everyday shade and some ended up with a bold brown shows inconsistency in the product which I think is unacceptable especially at those prices. 

My recommendation would be to look into the lip liners individually if you are looking for a little splurge and go with a judgement call on the actual lipstick. I would definitely stay away from exposed but inconsistency problems aren’t as prevalent in the other shades. If you’d like me to take a look at some of the other shades or newer releases from Kylie such as her eyeshadows and liners, leave a comment!

As always please recommend any other products you would like to see me test out! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to you Wednesday with my next Kylie lip review, loves.

love & lipstick kisses💋

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