review: melt dark matter eyeshadow stack

This week we are gonna take a look at the cult favorite melt cosmetics dark matter eyeshadow stack. The beauty world has been obsessing over melt’s eyeshadows for years and they almost never seem to be in stock. I saw on instagram that they were back in stock after quite some time and decided I needed to pick it up to see what all the hype was about.

The stack can be purchased on for $48.oo

The eyeshadows are called a stack because the packing is magnetic and can be stacked on top of one another or spread out like in the original picture. The shadow pans are about twice the size of a mac shadow pan. I really enjoy the packaging. It keeps the shadow compact and perfect for traveling.

The dark matter stack is the neutral stack that melt sells. They have two other stacks with much brighter colors. Soon all the colors will be available individually for $17.00 a piece. The stack still comes out to be a better deal because the four individually would cost $68.00

I think these are incredible eyeshadows. They are creamy and the colors are perfect to create a multitude of looks. The shadows are pigmented but don’t come off too pigmented on the first application. This is why they look somewhat choppy in the swatches because they blend out to perfection and if you want a really pigmented look, you can layer.

I love the shade blurr to bend out everything in the crease. The shade enigma is the whole reason I bought the stack. It is such a unique red burgundy shade and every time I wear it I get compliments on how unique the shade is.

Heres a look at one of the eye looks I created with the stack:


I highly recommend this stack to anyone at any level of makeup. The colors are beautiful and fool proof to blend. I would grab this stack and any of the others at any chance you get.

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love & lipstick kisses💋

2 thoughts on “review: melt dark matter eyeshadow stack

  1. You’re incredibly pretty. I know this has nothing to do with the post but I just had to mention it.


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