review: anastasia glow kits

Early this spring, Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with two highlighting kits. The kits have four highlighting pans that are magnetic and removable. The kits come in “that glow” and “gleam”. Gleam is the cool toned kit and that glow is the warmer golden toned kit.

the kit costs $40.00 and can be found at

The kits have varying shade of highlighters so that every skin tone could find something perfect. The powders are perfect for mixing together to make a more dramatic highlight. I personally use the darker shades as a shimmery bronzer or blush topper.

The powders are incredibly creamy and create the perfect sheen on the cheeks. Some highlights have a larger glitter so that it looks like you have actual sparkles on your cheeks. Thats not exactly the look a highlight is meant to achieve. By putting a shimmering product on the highpoints of the face (tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and inner corner of the eyes), we draw attention to those features which creates defined angles of the face. The best kind of highlighter is one that is a sheen without having glitter so that when the light reflects it draws attention to the features we want.

I love how finely milled these powders are. It gives the perfect glow. I love mixing two or three of the powders together to give a highlight that could stop airplanes. I like the glow kits more that their individual highlighters. The pans are huge and you are getting a ton of product for your money.

I know this is a shorter review than usual but its hard to say much more because the product is just downright amazing. If you want a nice highlighter these are well worth your money. Either kit you try, you can’t go wrong!

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love & lipstick kisses💋

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