review: colourpop ultra satin lip

This week I am doing an entire feature on the colourpop line. Colourpop has been blowing up in the beauty blogger world. It is a relatively new brand so many of the bloggers that have spoken of colourpop have received them as free product. I decided to take a look at colourpop and see if it is worth all the talk. Today we start with the ultra satin lip.

The entire colourpop line can be purchased on their website for drugstore prices.

The ultra satin lips are $6.00 a piece.

The ultra satin lips are a liquid lipstick with a non-matte finish. Instead of being completely matte the satin lip has a similar finish to a traditional lipstick. I have four colors in the satin lip but the range carries 23 different colors.

Unlike a matte liquid lipstick, the ultra satin lips don’t dry completely. They still have a little bit of slip but not to the point where if you rub your lips together it will smear.These don’t dry out your lips in the slightest like some matte lipsticks can do so they would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to draw attention to dryness or fine lines.

I wore the rabbit for a long day of work and it stayed a little bit wet the entire day. I was able to eat and drink without ruining my lips and it lasted throughout an 8 hour shift while still staying vibrant. By the end of the day my lip had smeared a little around the edges but I tested them without a lipliner and it took hours for it to get to that point.

I highly recommend these lips. The range of colors is fantastic and the wear is better than anything Ive found especially for the price!

As always please recommend any other products you would like to see me test out! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to you tomorrow with some more colourpop reviews, loves.

love & lipstick kisses💋


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