review: mac gigiblack lash mascara

Happy Wednesday, loves! Today we continue our spotlight on high end mascara with a look at the M.A.C mascara Jaclyn Hill has popularized. If you’ve ever watched a Jaclyn Hill tutorial you’ve probably seen her use this mascara even if its just on her bottom lashes. With her rave reviews in mind, I decided to pick it up and see if it lived up to all her hype.

prices range:

$18.00 at

$18.00 at

$18.00 at nordstrom

mac gigiblack mascara package open

With the first use, it was easy to tell that Jaclyn had not overstated her opinions on this mascara. Now if you want a ton of volume and super dramatic lashes then this is not the mascara you are looking for. But if you’re a fan of natural lash days or a falsie fanatic like me, then this mascara could jump its way to number one on your list.

mac gigiblack mascara wand

I would say I have pretty average lashes and this mascara just amplifies their natural beauty. I get tons of compliments when I wear just this mascara with no liner. I find that since the brush is so thin you can really get to the root and make your lashes long and feathered to where your eyes look bright and open.

This is the only mascara I wear if I am gonna apply fans lashes. It makes your lashes dark while still natural enough to blend in with lashes so you don’t see the distinction between the false lash hairs and your lashes (not a cute look). The small wand is also perfect for the lower lashes. You can get to the root and really define each lash without getting mascara all over your lower lid.

This mascara has easily made its way to the front of my drawer and looks like it could stay there for quite a while. If you like more simple everyday lashes with lots of length or you want your falsies to look flawless, definitely give it a shot! It is easily worth the fairly reasonable price tag!

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