review: maybelline vivid matte liquid

For our final drugstore liquid lipstick review, we are taking a look at the maybelline vivid matte liquid lipsticks. With Gigi Hadid on every advertisement for maybelline these days, I definitely came in with high hopes for the product (I’m supposed to look like a Hadid after I wear it, right?). The lipstick comes in 10 shades. I have 9 of them, I am only missing Nude Flush.

prices range from:

$6.99 at

$6.99 at

$7.99 at

$7.99 at

$7.99 at


I decided to wear pink charge paired with a fairly neutral eye look. My mom and I were heading to the mall to do some shopping. As we pulled into the parking space, I applied the lipstick in my rearview mirror. As soon as I put the applicator near my lips I had an unpleasant first impression. The product is scented so heavily it is nauseating. I am usually fine with scented products, sometimes I don’t enjoy the taste that scent causes but the scent itself never bothers me. This lipstick smells sickly sweet and I could hardly tolerate it. But as always, I kept with it because I want to give every product a fair shot.

I wore the lipstick around the mall for about an hour and a half. By the time we were  back in the car, the lipstick was not dried but still looked matte. I liked the matte look but I didn’t love the somewhat oily texture. When I rubbed my lips together, the product moved (you can even see the fact that it gets patchy in the swatches of the darker shades).

My mom and I then headed to lunch with one of our close friends. When I took a sip of my drink, the product was left behind on my straw. While eating chips and salsa, I spilled it all over my face (if you know me, you know this isn’t a rare occurrence). I wiped my mouth with my napkin and all of the lipstick was left on the napkin. Although most of these things wouldn’t be a big deal with a regular lipstick but as Ive explained in previous posts, a liquid lipstick comes with certain implications of longevity, matteness, and a dried texture.

So as far as I can see this liquid lipstick is just a regular lipstick with a different type of application. Im still not a fan of the oily texture and I absolutely despise the scent. It not a bad product it just doesn’t live up to the expectations that come with buying a liquid lipstick.

As always let me know what you’ve thought about the product if you’ve given it a try. Expect a new post next friday. Please give me any suggestions for products I should try, reviews or posts you’d like to see. Thank you for your support

love & lipstick kisses💋

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