review : loreal colour riche shadows

I thought maybe this week we would take a break from the lipstick talk and take a look at another new product. Loreal released the new line of shadows shortly after their release of the lumi cushion foundation (dont worry that review is coming soon). The shadows come in 15 different shades but the most Ive ever seen in a store is about 8. The range carries both shimmer and matte finishes. The formula is meant to be a gel to powder that packs intensity.

prices range from:

$4.99 at

$4.99 at

$5.99 at

$5.99 at


I decided to put grand bleu to the test last week after having tried sunset seine a few times when I wore minimal to no makeup. Honestly every time I wore sunset seine it would be to class and I would forget I was doing a review and take a nap and then go to take off my makeup at midnight and realize I forgot to care how it looked throughout the day. So after many failed attempts of reviewing the shadows, I decided a day at work would be the perfect time to test them out.

I wanted to put on my makeup at 8 am and see if it would last all the way till close over 13 hours later but I am a college student who gets little to no sleep and I ended up heading off to class as though I had just rolled out of bed (I pretty much had). Once I got back I packed my things for a week home and sat down to get my face ready for work. I applied my full face and then got to my eyes. I almost never wear eye primer anymore I just conceal my eyes and set it with loose powder so that the shadows blend well. I threw some simple neutrals in the crease (my go-to start for any eye look) and then dove right in to a sea of blue.

I used my pinky finger to apply the shadow because I had seen how much pigment i was able to pick up with my swatches. When I smoothed my finger over the shadow, it was covered with a punch of pigment. I sat there thinking this is gonna be good as I carefully smeared it across my eye. The powder is incredibly silky to the touch as the description claims, but all that pigment that lands on your fingers does NOT transfer to the lid. My eyelids had the slightest tint of patchy blue but my finger was still covered in the shadow. I applied more pressure and still very little actually made it to my eye. So I thought maybe I should try a brush and see if thats better. It was not. It was completely useless. The brush was blue but my lids were still not. Eventually I was able to get my eyes to a pigmented blue but I had to apply more to my finger in between each sweep of the lid for a good 10 mins until it was at least decently colored and not patchy.

At this point I am already thoroughly unimpressed. I get to work with enough time to try and take some makeup pics for my beauty instagram. While glancing through the pictures I notice that it already looks as though my shadow is wearing off only 15 minutes after application (I still posted the picture, but with a LOT of editing). I am honestly embarrassed to go to work like this. I would rather walk in with hardly any makeup than bad makeup. As the night goes on, the shadow keeps wearing off and getting more patchy. By the time I get to my car approximately 8 hours after application, the blue is nearly gone.

Im pretty sure you can tell by the story but these shadows get a huge thumbs down from me. The shadows are difficult to apply, very patchy, and do not last on the lids. There are so many great shadows in a very similar price range. Definitely skip over this one and look into makeup geek or morphe.

As always let me know what you’ve thought about the product if you’ve given it a try. You can expect more drugstore liquid lipstick reviews coming. Please give me any suggestions for products I should try, reviews or posts you’d like to see. Thank you for spending a little bit of your friday with me 

love & lipstick kissesđź’‹

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