review: makeup forever ultra hd stick foundation 

Happy Monday loves! As I think I’ve mentioned before I am forever on the quest for the perfect foundation. My foundation collection grows at an alarming rate because I can never find a ride or die foundation. One of my most recent additions is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick. 


$43.00 at

$43.00 at

The original MUF HD foundation may be one of the most well know foundations of all time. I could never use it because it oxidized to be incredibly orange in all of the more fair shades. When the MUF ultra line came out, all of the beauty bloggers suddenly raved about the foundation stick. I was skeptical because I have incredibly dry skin and stick foundations tend to not be the best for dry skin. 

I have been using it for a few months and finally feel like I have my thoughts together. For a few weeks in summer my skin was so dry it was flaking. I thoroughly exfoliate before I apply makeup but once I put on this foundation I still saw it clinging to dry patches. 

Recently I’ve been back in a better place with my skin and the foundation looks a lot better. The foundation gives good coverage and you can layer it up to your desired coverage. It has one of the best wear times of any foundation I’ve used. Foundation never lasts on my chin but this one still held coverage even after 10 hours. 

This foundation lasted beautifully on my skin for over 13 hours. I like using this for my Instagram photos because of the high coverage it gives. Unfortunately I would never be able to wear this foundation in the winter because of how it clings to the dry areas on my skin. I think it would be perfect for people with normal to oily skin especially. Stick foundations tend to be really great for holding back oil production. 

I like this foundation but I still don’t love it. I would recommend it to people who like medium to full coverage but don’t suffer from dry areas. If any of you have recommendations of foundations you would like to see reviews of or that you are currently loving please comment below! 

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love & lipstick kisses💋

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