review: benefit roller lash mascara

Happy Monday, loves! I’m starting a week long feature on high end mascaras. I bought a bunch of travel size mascaras at Sephora a few months ago and have been testing them all out for a hot minute. So today we are taking a look at Benefits newest mascara that has been blowing up the beauty world.

prices range:

$24.00 at (a set is available with a deluxe mini)

$24.00 at (with a free deluxe mini)

$24.00 at

$24.00 at (with a gift w/ purchase until 8/27/16)

the travel size can be found on each of these websites for $12

This mascara is one of my favorites of the ones I have been testing out. The brush is slightly curved with tighter shorter rubber bristles inside the curve and longer more separated bristles. The cute 50’s flashback packaging is just a nice touch but I wouldn’t expect anything less from benefit.

benefit roller lash mascara wand

The formula of the actual mascara is the perfect balance between a more wet and more dry mascara. I tend to prefer more dry formulas but those can sometimes flake on the face and not hold a curl as well as more wet formulas. I do find that this mascara holds my curl better than most. I have fairly straight lashes that in a few hours almost  always lose their curl but this one keeps the curl almost all day long.

I am someone who likes my lashes to still look like eyelashes after I put on mascara. I love dark long lashes but I hate when they start to clump. This is a beautiful mascara to lengthen and volumize without causing clumping. Your lashes look like you have mascara on but only to darken because you already have perfect long fluttery lashes underneath.

Unfortunately, although I love the way it looks, I had to stop using this mascara. I am allergic to some ingredient in it so every time I remove it, my eyes burn and water profusely. If I weren’t allergic I would definitely be repurchasing this mascara.

If you are looking for an everyday mascara that lengthens and volumizes I would give the roller lash a try! If you have super sensitive eyes, I recommend testing out the travel size before you go purchase the full size.

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review: l’oreal pro glow foundation

Happy Monday, loves! If you follow the beauty community even in the slightest capacity then I’m sure you have seen that L’oreal recently released a new foundation in their infallible line. The first foundation, the infallible pro matte, was a raging success with beauty bloggers and novices alike. I never tested out the pro matte because the last thing my already dry, flaky skin needs is mattifying. So when I saw they were releasing a glowing version, I was breathing down the employees neck as they stocked the shelves.

prices range:

$10.97 at

$11.99 at

$12.99 at

$12.99 at

$12.99 at

I’ve been using this foundation just over a month and it has easily made its way to the front of my collection. As you may know, I don’t often have strong feelings about a foundation but this may be my all time favorite. The finish is just as it claims, a radiant glow. Most glowing foundations tend to have less coverage than their matte counterparts but this foundation blurs every imperfection while still looking like skin.

The foundation is a very liquid almost water-like texture that keeps it from looking cakey & like you just poured a plaster mold over your face. It is so lightweight that you don’t feel it at all during the day and I’ve never seen any transfer (even though I tend to touch my face a lot & have taken quite a few naps while wearing it). It has even remained looking fresh through intensely hot days and my broken car air conditioning.

Lately I have been using this with the nivea mens shave balm and setting it with a shiseido powder (discontinued). Even when I set the foundation with a powder & bake my skin looks dewy and moisturized! The only thing I would improve would be the packaging. I wish that it was more like the true match lumi with a pump but I can deal with it since it is so great for so cheap.

This foundation is a normal to dry skin dream! I may never find a true holy grail foundation (and Ill certainly always be on the quest) but this one is a pretty great place holder and definitely my go to (at least for now😜). If any of you have recommendations of foundations you would like to see reviews of or that you are currently loving please comment below!

As always please recommend any other products you would like to see me test out! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page, so you receive updates when I post. Thanks for all the love & support. Talk to you monday, loves.
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